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Religious Discrimination Hypocrisy

RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION HYPOCRISY Facebook just had me agree to their updated non-discrimination policy. It says that we cannot discriminate against any "group" including religious. I'm not sure if that actually works in reality. Are they guilty of religious discrimination hypocrisy? In 2010 I decided to read the first five books of the bible to see what it was the big deal that my BIOLOGICAL FATHER told me to do since I was a child. I read it. I decided in 2013 that my father h

Public Vaccine Reaction Forum Now Open

  Now you can post on our public vaccine reaction forum. Just sign up for an account. Then you can develop your profile and start your own group and forum! We need this. And for a limited time only you can automatically be added to our Founders Forum so that you can help bring this site up to what it needs to be. We strive to provide a safe place for people to share their stories, without fear of pHarma trolls or censorship. We have a right as human beings to share our exper

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Quantum Dot Vaccine Luciferase

Luciferase in the Quantum Dot Vaccine The quantum dot Luciferase vaccine record has been a major point of speculation for conspiracy realists for some time now. Let's delve into what this actually is and how it would "hypothetically" play out. Luciferase is an enzyme that is encoded by the Luciferin gene. This is present in fireflies and Beatles, and is the chemical responsible for their ability to glow. Molecular biologists use the gene and insert it with plasmid vectors into t

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