• Deuteronomy Study: Yahweh's or Man's Laws?
    This study of Deuteronomy exposes that Moses received the Torah directly from Yahweh. If so, then the Torah is not "man's law," but YHWH's laws. There is a review of the challenges the Isrealites face when traveling to the promised land, Moses' advice to them when he gets left behind, and a prediction of what happens to their scatter
  • Special Report: Is Your Tumor Trying To Save You?
    Part 1 is explaining some background info on cancer treatment and diagnosis, natural protocols and treatments, through my knowledge and personal experience, including part of what I saw when my mother was struggling with cancer, while I was simultaneously receiving my pre-medical degree. Part 2: I tell the rest of the story of my mother, and how hospice comm
  • EC Live: Central Bank Backed US Gears Up For War With Russia Over Ukraine
    Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB1rHg-k4rE An overwhelming vote in the Ukraine put the people on Russia's side today, but the US is claiming this is not a democratic vote, and violates international law due to intimidation and threats. Russia has another side to this story, claiming the legally elected president asked for help, and th

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