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Our Poisoned Foods (Roundup on Grains and Legumes)

Did you know that glyphosate is commonly sprayed, yes Roundup on grains and legumes, just 3 days before harvest in order to desiccate the crop evenly and allow for earlier harvest? This video talks about the possible environmental and health effects of this common practice in conventional farming.


The glyphosate adsorbs to the soil, binding up minerals like copper, zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium. This can lead to fungal overgrowth on the soil leading to diseases of the foods. In addition to the diseased foods, there is residue on the food that can then bind to minerals in the gut of the person consuming it. lead Can this lead to fungal overgrowth and a weakened immune system in the consumer as well as the soil?


ergot on wheat

Wheat infected with ergot (claviceps purpurae)

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(NOT;) Health Advice Episode 1: Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal fatigue

Adrenal pituitary hypothalamic axis

This video is NOT ;) Health Advice Episode 1: Adrenal Fatigue


Some factors with adrenal fatigue (besides the usual advice to avoid caffeine)

Grains and their effect due to excess gluten and toxic Roundup residue:  Grains cause mineral deficiencies if they are covered in glyphosate residue, or even if they are simply not soured or sprouted like they should be according to traditional diets.  Minerals are necessary for just about all chemical functions in the body. They are heavily involved with kidney processes, and the adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys.  It stands to reason that good kidney function will aid in good adrenal gland function.  Mineral deficiencies do NOT support good kidney function.  Zinc in particular (which may be chelated from the body by glyphosate or unsoaked unsprouted grains) is necessary in larger amounts in times of stress. Stress induces the body to use hormones secreted by the adrenal glands, so zinc status is particularly important.

Sleeping habits and avoiding the sun: The sun supplies the brain with the necessary information to form a health circadian rhythm. Without getting proper rest, the body cannot regulate the para-sympathetic and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems properly.  The adrenal glands produce the hormones necessary for the sympathetic nervous system, so when that is overactive due to a lack of rest or increase in stress, they get fatigued.

Vitamin C:  This vitamin is important for aiding the body through times of stress.  Stress activates the adrenal glands.

Adaptogenic Herbs: These herbs will help to balance the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, which can lower the amount of times the adrenal glands get activated.

Some sarcasm is added to this video for humor. I hope you get my humor here. I cannot give health advice of course, since I am not a doctor, but isn’t it ironic that doctors don’t really know anything about nutrition or health? They know about disease and get only a few weeks of nutrition training in medical school, yet they are the ones that are telling people how to eat… and it’s usually according to their continuing education, which is usually from drug companies.

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9 Inflammatory Foods That Should Be Avoided | Mass Report

9 Inflammatory Foods That Should Be Avoided | Mass Report.

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Watch: Incredible Microscopic Footage Of Cannabis Oil Eliminating Cancer Cells |Higher Perspective

Watch: Incredible Microscopic Footage Of Cannabis Oil Eliminating Cancer Cells |Higher Perspective.

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Killeen, Texas Chemtrail Log 11-21-2014

I am going to start keeping a chemtrail log here in Killeen, Tx at EdenCultures.com I have noticed a definite connection between the spraying and the weather and I’m on a mission to figure it out. You can find more logs in chronological order by selecting “chemtrail log” at the top of the page.  I will take as many photos and video as possible for evidence.  The question is not whether these spray patterns are intentional or not, in my opinion (commercial planes don’t checker the sky). The question is whether they are affecting the weather or obscuring the sky, and how this process works.  Please sign up for my new Read more ›

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POTUS Appointing People Who Are Incompetent or Down Right Liars


President speaking

We have a real problem with this POTUS appointing people who are either incompetent or are down right liars!

For example: Julia Pierson, the appointed Director of the Secret Service, did not have the common sense to lock the front door of the White House and posted a single female guard at the door. Needless to say, the crazed Iraq veteran was easily able to jump the fence and open the door, overwhelm the female guard and make it all the way to The Green Room before being taken down by another agent! She should have had the door locked and one of her most experienced/strongest male guards at the front door.  She should have had several armed male guards outside the back, front, and both sides to stop any intruders and with deadly force authorized!

Another example of an appointment that is questionable is The NSA Adviser, Susan Rice who (1) lied about Benghazi – though she was just saying what she was told to say, though she had to know better! (2) She stated that Beau Bergdahl had “served with honor and distinction” after we all know that he voluntarily went over to the side of the Taliban, and should be tried for Desertion! Why did we end up trading five senior Al-Qaeda terrorists for his release, but didn’t accept one low ranking female terrorist in exchange for a loyal American Journalist James Foley, who was later beheaded? (3) She said that Turkey has given us permission to use one of their Air base to fly our planes from, and the president of Turkey has stated he has not made any such deal!
We all know how Kathleen Sebelius, former head of HHS cost us over $700 million for the Health Care Website, that was an absolute disaster when college kids could have done a better job for free!
Now, Dr. Tom Frieden (Director of CDC) was recently evasive when asked whether “he has recommended travel bans from infected countries”. Is this incompetence of part of a conspiracy to intentionally spread the disease worldwide? I think the latter, and is Obama that naive or is he also part of this obvious conspiracy to spread this deadly disease here and all over the world?
As for the War on Terror, we need to destroy ISIS completely, and if that means killing women and children along with them, so it has to be! Using “women and children as human shields” is their main propaganda defense, and we simply cannot allow that to dissuade us – if we intend to defeat/destroy them! We need to find these barbarians wherever they are and preferably try to isolate and destroy them! We should have Congress declare war on them and destroy the towns and cities they occupy. That will send a clear message to all Muslims: “If you eat with ISIS and sleep with them, prepare to die with them!”
What do you think? Reckon the men of those cities might get off their cowardly butts and fight for their lives? I think so, because they will know if they don’t die fighting them, they will die when we bomb “to the stone age” the cities they conquer and occupy.  That’s how you win wars, folks! Otherwise, you can bet ISIS will continue to expand by recruiting more young men and boys until they come knocking on the White House door, where I’m just hoping this Muslim President (by Islāmic Law) and his Sunni Muslim CIA Director don’t have a welcome party waiting for them! Incidentally, Jihad doesn’t just limit itself to terrorism, it also includes Jihad by deception!
These are perfect examples of why truth and facts are far more important than compassion and emotion.

“Truth (facts) first, justice second, fairness third and love (compassion) last.” – Yliyah Paul, Author, The Message of The Kingdom

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Monsanto and the FDA: Trillion Dollar Hustle

Monsanto and the FDA: Trillion Dollar Hustle.

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They Said The Cancer Would Kill Her In Six Months, Then She Tried Cannabis. Prepare To Be Amazed | True Activist

“My husband stayed up most nights researching and we soon discovered that I really did need the THC found in the cannabis to treat the aggressive cancer like mine.”

They Said The Cancer Would Kill Her In Six Months, Then She Tried Cannabis. Prepare To Be Amazed | True Activist.

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Florida Couple Wins Fight For Front Yard Vegetable Garden! | True Activist

Florida Couple Wins Fight For Front Yard Vegetable Garden! | True Activist.

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Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods

Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods.

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