Don’t Fall For World War Three Rhetoric To Divide Humanity

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I had a video on Youtube of Nazis marching the streets in Ukraine whenRussia was trying to annex Crimea at the request of the democratically elected president Yanukovych. I shared itback in 2014 during the revolution because it didn’t seem like a revolution. What it seemed like was anintelligence run operation to install a dictator and topple a democratically elected leader at the behest ofneo-nazis. I don’t care if this is America or Germany or whatever, I don’t support nazis.Don't fall

Mark of the Beast Technology is Being Tested now

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MARK OF THE BEAST IN THE 21ST CENTURY CURES ACT They put it into the bill that "informed consent of the subject is no longer required if testing poses minimal risk." I originally posted this on my Youtube channel in 2014 or 2015, but had to repost it here due to censorship. If I were to remake this documentary today I would include how graphene oxide can be used as a self assembling quantum sized super conductor to do the things I describe in this video. This was made before the patent


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