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Earn 10% Affiliate Commissions on Signed Copies of AI 2030

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Affiliate Links Now in Your Store Account If you are a user on this site, which is free, then you can find your affiliate link on the My Store Account page. Share this link with your friends and if they purchase a signed copy of my book, AI 2030, you will get 10% commission. Let's make it through together. p.s. If you are also interested in promoting your product through a guest post on this blog, email me at @ You can promote your product as well, for only a

AI 2030 Now Available in Paperback, Hardback, and Ebook

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You can buy it now. Finally, all the things I wanted to say all wrapped up in a neat little sci fi novel. AI 2030 Buy Now on Amazon. Kindle version is on sale! Or purchase a signed copy here in our store.

Post Your Vaccine Reactions and Stories on Our Forum

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Safe place to share without censorship. I have created this forum for you to have a safe place to share your experiences, or your loved ones experiences with vaccines. If you have experienced censorship elsewhere and feel hopeless that you have no power to get the word out about potential dangers to others, have hope! does not accept advertising money from any pharmaceutical company and pledges never to do so. Right now our public forums are available for your to post.

Now offering Advanced Readership for my Science Fiction Novel: Coming Soon!

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If you are interested in being an advanced reader for my upcoming Sci Fi novel, based on my TikTok series called "BatShit Crazy Virus", then consider joining my Telegram account, here: EdenCultures Group Or even better, sign up for an account here so that you can make your own group! Just post your email and choose a password and you can have friends, groups, and create forum topics.  Sign Up 

New Sci Fi Novel About the Future of AI

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I am writing a science fiction novel. Please see "Bat Shit Crazy Sci Fi" series here and on TikTok. The book is about the future of artificial intelligence. It is written from the perspective of a scientist 12,000 years from now. This scientist is reading an ancient manuscript. The manuscripts gives details of events that changed the very face of mankind. Follow here at for blog updates and to be notified when the book is published. I plan on also doing an audiobook ver


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