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Affiliate Links Now in Your Store Account If you are a user on this site, which is free, then you can find your affiliate link on the My Store Account page. Share this link with your friends and if they purchase a signed copy of my book, AI 2030, you will get 10% commission. Let's make it through together. p.s. If you are also interested in promoting your product through a guest post on this blog, email me at @ HeatherDayMusic@gmail.com. You can promote your product as well, for

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AI 2030 Now Available in Paperback, Hardback, and Ebook

You can buy it now. Finally, all the things I wanted to say all wrapped up in a neat little sci fi novel. AI 2030 Buy Now on Amazon. Kindle version is on sale! Or purchase a signed copy here in our store.

Post Your Vaccine Reactions and Stories on Our Forum

Safe place to share without censorship. I have created this forum for you to have a safe place to share your experiences, or your loved ones experiences with vaccines. If you have experienced censorship elsewhere and feel hopeless that you have no power to get the word out about potential dangers to others, have hope! EdenCultures.com does not accept advertising money from any pharmaceutical company and pledges never to do so. Right now our public forums are available for your to

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Now offering Advanced Readership for my Science Fiction Novel: Coming Soon!

If you are interested in being an advanced reader for my upcoming Sci Fi novel, based on my TikTok series called "BatShit Crazy Virus", then consider joining my Telegram account, here: EdenCultures Group Or even better, sign up for an account here so that you can make your own group! Just post your email and choose a password and you can have friends, groups, and create forum topics.  Sign Up 

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New Sci Fi Novel About the Future of AI

I am writing a science fiction novel. Please see "Bat Shit Crazy Sci Fi" series here and on TikTok. The book is about the future of artificial intelligence. It is written from the perspective of a scientist 12,000 years from now. This scientist is reading an ancient manuscript. The manuscripts gives details of events that changed the very face of mankind. Follow here at EdenCultures.com for blog updates and to be notified when the book is published. I plan on also doing an audiob

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Don’t Fall For World War Three Rhetoric To Divide Humanity

I had a video on Youtube of Nazis marching the streets in Ukraine whenRussia was trying to annex Crimea at the request of the democratically elected president Yanukovych. I shared itback in 2014 during the revolution because it didn’t seem like a revolution. What it seemed like was anintelligence run operation to install a dictator and topple a democratically elected leader at the behest ofneo-nazis. I don’t care if this is America or Germany or whatever, I don’t support nazis.Don

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Bat Shit Crazy Sci Fi Chapter 4

Bat Shit Crazy Part 4 https://youtu.be/NFEdt9Ozk7Q Just a reminder that this is fiction. Any similarity to reality is purely for fun. But if you think something may coincidentally be true, I'd love to hear about any studies or resources you have found. Please feel free to post any comments regarding how similar this actually may be.

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Bat Shit Crazy Ch 3

Bat Shit Crazy Sci Fi This sci fi novel is starting to gain traction at this point where it was originally posted (TikTok) so at this point of the novel my imagination begins to run wild. My subconscious starts using all of the information I have stored over the years to weave a thrilling tale of humanity vs technology and maybe a few aliens. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter which will automatically send you an email when I make new posts. Ok so I thought it was chapte

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Bat Shit Crazy Sci Fi

A Dystopian Web Series So I thought to myself, that fiction is a wonderful way to express myself. I have decided to create this series as a way to express my thoughts on a ridiculous dystopian fictional society. This fictional world has an international cartel of ancient sorcerers, who use drugs and hidden gene experiments to control the world population.

Protect Your DNA From Biotech Theft

Another installment in the original series BioTech Today.  This series was largely made in 2015 right after I had my second child. I was horrified as I was pregnant and learning all about the Planned Parenthood exposes' by Project Veritas.  I was concerned with the human cloning that was being documented on mainstream media outlets such as in the documentary "The First Human Clone," featuring the work of Dr. Savos. I was familiar with Dr. Savos because I had been to a meeting wi

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In Vivo Reverse Transcriptase and mRNA Technology

REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE TAKES RNA TO DNA This is one reason my EdenCultures TikTok was banned and deleted. It didn't fit the narrative at the time, though now it's admitted by mainstream media. They just didn't want this information out before you got the jab.  But I hate to break it to you that scientists have known about Reverse Transcriptase for 50 years. The Central Dogma of Genetics used to be that DNA~>RNA only but that is before they discovered this enzyme.  PCR technolog

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Vaccines and Infant Death

Vaccines and Infant Death Eden Cultures Media ©2015 This was originally posted on YouTube as a part of my BioTech Today series which is being resurrected on this blog now. In this episode I go over a meta analysis of infant mortality comparing different countries, the number of vaccines each infant receives, and the overall infant mortality rate.  Overall mortality is a better way to gauge the damage that vaccines can do, since VAERS is considered "correlation" and not causation.

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Brain Images Show CVST After Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine

I report all of this with great sadness. These brain CVST images have been published with permission from my sister She hopes that this will help to warn others of the possible risks of Covid-19 vaccination These are images of my sister's brain with CVST. She had 2 doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine in March and April of 2021. She is a 51 year old female with Ehlers Danlos.  She also got myositis in the adjacent shoulder to injection site, which she says seems to still be in

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BioTech Today Video Series

I started my video series "BioTech Today" in a time when anti-vaxxers were allowed on YouTube. I would go over current events and use humor and sarcasm to show the absurdity of the techno-cult that is running most media outlets today. I had to make these private after some videos were flagged, removed, and I was given a strike. But I am glad to say that EdenCultures.com is up and running and I am going to be re-uploading my old, censored content here. Subscribe to our newsletter

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Mark of the Beast Technology is Being Tested now

MARK OF THE BEAST IN THE 21ST CENTURY CURES ACT They put it into the bill that "informed consent of the subject is no longer required if testing poses minimal risk." I originally posted this on my Youtube channel in 2014 or 2015, but had to repost it here due to censorship. If I were to remake this documentary today I would include how graphene oxide can be used as a self assembling quantum sized super conductor to do the things I describe in this video. This was made before the

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Public Vaccine Reaction Forum Now Open

Now you can post on our public vaccine reaction forum. Just sign up for an account. Then you can develop your profile and start your own group and forum! We need this. And for a limited time only you can automatically be added to our Founders Forum so that you can help bring this site up to what it needs to be. We strive to provide a safe place for people to share their stories, without fear of pHarma trolls or censorship. We have a right as human beings to share our experiences

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Quantum Dot Luciferase Vaccine

The quantum dot Luciferase vaccine has been a major point of speculation for conspiracy realists for some time now. Let's delve into what this actually is and how it would "hypothetically" play out. Luciferase is an enzyme that is encoded by the Luciferin gene. This is present in fireflies and Beatles, and is the chemical responsible for their ability to glow. Molecular biologists use the gene and insert it with plasmid vectors into transfection experiments as a "marker" to see

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