I had a video on Youtube of Nazis marching the streets in Ukraine when
Russia was trying to annex Crimea at the request of the democratically elected president Yanukovych. I shared it
back in 2014 during the revolution because it didn’t seem like a revolution. What it seemed like was an
intelligence run operation to install a dictator and topple a democratically elected leader at the behest of
neo-nazis. I don’t care if this is America or Germany or whatever, I don’t support nazis.

Don’t fall for the World War Three Rhetoric.

But of course YouTube took that away and gave me a
strike because they didn’t want you to know that Ukraine is literally run by nazis right now. I wonder why?

Maybe because some people knew this war was coming because they’ve been setting it up since Albert
Pike put it in writing it so many years ago?

Some people want us to kill each other for them and I’m not falling for it. I don’t think we
should be killing or bombing anyone. Even if they are nazis, but I’m certainly not gonna side with them. So
I hope all are careful during this war, as it’s literally only coming about to turn us against each other,
and I guarantee you, it’s going to end up turning Israel against Iran.

This has been the plan for hundreds if not thousands of years. It’s all about who wants to
be king of the world. That’s why I wrote the song called King of the World! They want to be in
charge of Jerusalem, the naval of the world. They think it’s magical and it gives them power. Because
they are literally psychotically drunk on power, to the point of being completely out of touch with
humanity. It’s the same reason the last two world wars occurred: egotistical world leaders drunk on
power, crossing boundaries because it was never enough.

There is a specific agenda to control the world that has run through all sorts of groups.
It’s all written down over and over again by multiple authors over a very long period of time and
they’re in all of the groups. They’ve infiltrated every government, nonprofit organization, religion,
education system, everything. All of it. Don’t fall for it. Don’t hate any fellow human. Because then
you are nothing but a pawn. I do not support any war. We need to stay out of it. But of course the US
won’t, because we know how many connections our current government has to Ukraine, now don’t we?

Just like the United States in World War II was spearheading the eugenics program. Only
really did we step in to benefit ourselves. “Russia, Russia, Russia,” goodness gracious it’s all
intended. All the world is a stage. Do you wanna be a chess piece? Or do you want to flip the
freaking board? Don’t fall for it. We are all human.