Safe place to share without censorship.

I have created this forum for you to have a safe place to share your experiences, or your loved ones experiences with vaccines. If you have experienced censorship elsewhere and feel hopeless that you have no power to get the word out about potential dangers to others, have hope! does not accept advertising money from any pharmaceutical company and pledges never to do so.

Right now our public forums are available for your to post. I have worked hard to create this website where you can find friends, make a profile, create a group, have your own public or private forum, and create new topics, or share on our vaccine reactions forum. You can also upload documents if you have supporting evidence for your story. You are welcome to use a pseudonym to protect your identity, especially if you are a healthcare professional.

I am also working towards providing capability on a sister media site for you to be able to upload videos. Right now this is all available to the public for free, but soon we may have to initiate a paywall. I have spent thousands of dollars of personal funds to create this site and we hope to have it be self sustainable so that we can continue indefinitely in serving humanity with truth and love.

Please consider creating an account on this site, posting in our forum, and feel free to start your own group and forum, and upload documents that you would like to be visible to the public in our safe place we have created.  It’s time to shift the balance of power, and only with folks like you can we band together and get the word out about the other side of the story. There are plenty of websites that have pharmaceutical advertisers, who censor any negative posts. We cannot stop the search engines from hiding us from results, but we can combat deletion by banding together in our own place to share information that can save and improve lives.

If you’d like to make a donation to this website, please visit and make a donation, or consider donating your time by spreading the word about this valuable resource for humanity. For a limited time, all people who sign up will be added to our Founders’ Forum and will have input on how the website is developed moving forward. Eventually the ability to have groups and private forums will have a minimal cost associated with it, and the ability to upload will have a membership cost so that we can continue to function.

Thank you for your bravery and help in supporting us by signing up, donating, and/or spreading the word.

Heather Day