Eden Cultures

Now you can post on our public vaccine reaction forum. Just sign up for an account. Then you can develop your profile and start your own group and forum! We need this. And for a limited time only you can automatically be added to our Founders Forum so that you can help bring this site up to what it needs to be. We strive to provide a safe place for people to share their stories, without fear of pHarma trolls or censorship. We have a right as human beings to share our experiences on a public vaccine reaction forum, so I made one for us all.


We do not tell people what to do with their lives here. That is not the point. We share information to benefit humanity.  If that is what you feel like you need to do you are in the right place.

This site is still in Beta. Joining the Founders Forum will help us to work out the bugs on this site. As we grow, we are also looking for contributors to the blog. Please use our contact form and send your resume after signing up, and I will let you know if you are a good fit to also be a blog contributor. If you have experience with professional healthcare and would like to share your story (openly or anonymously) contact me at edencultures@protonmail.com. We look forward to seeing you on the forums!