Another installment in the original series BioTech Today.  This series was largely made in 2015 right after I had my second child. I was horrified as I was pregnant and learning all about the Planned Parenthood exposes’ by Project Veritas.  I was concerned with the human cloning that was being documented on mainstream media outlets such as in the documentary “The First Human Clone,” featuring the work of Dr. Savos.

I was familiar with Dr. Savos because I had been to a meeting with the Raelians when I lived in L.A. No I am not joking. I lived in Los Angeles in 2003 and 2004 and part of 2005. I had a boyfriend interested in strange things at the time and he invited me to a meeting at a hotel by a group called the Raelians who claimed they had created a human clone. They worshipped alien beings called the Elohim (same word as used for “God” in the King James Bible) and stated matter of factly that in the future, humans would only reproduce via cloning.

The Raelians believe in birth control and have openly supported orgies, hallucinogenic drug use, and cloning. They believed that the human child they cloned and claimed to have, was going to be their future Messiah. So when I saw the documentary with Dr. Savos of Clonaid I knew he was associated with them. And when I saw the Project Veritas videos I then realized the potential for a science fiction future of massively devastating potential proportions.