What Sized Aquaponics Tank Should You Get?

What Sized Aquaponics Tank Should You Get?

It’s important to set up your aquaponics system to  be the right size for you. I started with a tank that was so big, I didn’t have the funds to get enough pumps and beds to go with it. I am still in the process of catching up, and am glad.  I have some tilapia in there and they need that water to cycle the right amount.  Aquaponics is a balance, and if you want an operation that you can eat fish as well as produce from, you may have to do what I did. I started with a large tank, and am working my way up to full yield over time.

This video discusses how to calculate your tank volume, how many pumps you need, and what GPH pumps you need, and how many beds you need as well.  They must all match up mathematically or your fish and plants will suffer.  Watch and learn how to get the right balance.

While you are getting your aquaponics system established, you may have just a few fish in a large tank.  That is the drawback of starting big, but to me, it’s worth the wait! If I started with a tiny in-home tank, I would never get a full harvest.  My ultimate goal is to get food that can sustain us through tough times.  I want to share that knowledge with you.

You can always start with a smaller system, but you won’t be able to raise fish.  Tilapia are pretty hardy against low water quality, so are a good starter fish, as long as you keep them warm enough.

Eventually, I will incorporate rainwater collection, solar power, and more so that my aquaponics system is fully sustainable, even in economic collapse. But before I do all that, I will soon be posting videos on how to tackle algae, more on raising tilapia, and how to make home made filter boxes.  I hope you’ll subscribe and share with friends!


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