How Obama and The United States Creates Terrorism

How Obama and The United States Creates Terrorism

The United States has policies that create terrorism. From funding rebel forces, to encouraging children to bring suspicious devices to school, to ignoring American heroes who defend unarmed soldiers against terrorists, who Obama refuses to call terrorists… the United States creates terrorism, and patriots are getting sick and tired of it.

Now we may have budding young terrorists  who will now copy Ahmed’s clock that looks like a bomb – except it will be a bomb in the class rooms! This is how terrorism works; by getting us to let our guard down and then they strike!
The President responded rapidly by congratulating this “budding young scientist”, who shows his skills by building something that looks like a bomb (or pretending to build a clock by emptying an existing one out). One has to ask why didn’t he build something that doesn’t look like a bomb? I think his father put him up to that for a laugh!
This is just another piece to fit in the jigsaw puzzle that forms a picture of this President as indeed a Muslim, and maybe we should have read his Book: Dreams of My Father. His father was a Muslim, and every Muslim’s dream (peaceful or not) is for a Worldwide Islamic Caliphate! His stepfather was also a Muslim, and by Islamic law his mother had to be converted to Islam when she married his father and his stepfather!
He was raised or spent much of his boyhood in Indonesia and went to a Muslim school. He said he “enjoyed hearing the morning prayers” over the loudspeaker from the nearest Mosque! ‘
Luis Farrakhan, who is black Muslim, recently stated that he “needed 10,000 fearless black men to start killing cops and white people”. During the Ferguson Missouri fiasco, Luis stated that “we are going to tear this country to pieces”. That’s Terrorist Threatening, which is a crime punishable by imprisonment. Yet, this President, who has sworn “to protect and defend the Constitution” has said nothing and done nothing to prosecute this man!
Several months ago, he called in to the White House all the Muslim Leaders/Imams for a meeting. I would like to hear what was said at that meeting! The Freedom of Information Act should allow us to know what was said, and I want to know!
Another piece of the puzzle: his trading five senior leaders of the Taliban for Beau Bergdahl and inviting him to the White House and treating this known deserter like a hero is another piece that seems to fit that of someone, at least, sympathetic to the Taliban, who are Muslims!
His appointing a known Sunni Muslim, John Brennan as the Head of the CIA is just another piece of the puzzle, and since that appointment, the CIA has created ISIS in Syria, by arming the so called “Free Syrian Army”! Trouble is: by arming so called “Moderate Syrian Rebels” who are Sunnis, they morphed into ISIS and invaded Iraq!
We armed the Sunnis, again in Ramadi, and they “cut and ran” leaving our American weapons for ISIS, and some of them even joined ISIS to increase their numbers! The armored Hum-vees and tanks you see these barbarians are driving around in, and most of their weapons are American made! We armed them first as Sunnis, while in Syria fighting Assad, a Shiite Muslim President, that we wanted removed, and we have been arming them ever since! Shiites, incidentally, are less barbaric than the Sunnis, and Assad is not trying to expand and form a Caliphate! Russia is recently arming Assad, who is trying to keep his position and contain the more barbaric ISIS, who if Assad is overthrown, will appoint their leader, Al Baghdadi as the new leader of Syria! Do we really want ISIS to take over Syria, and Al Baghdadi to be their new dictator? So, Russia is right – help the least barbaric, Assad, a Shiite, who is an enemy to the barbarian Sect – the Sunnis, who are trying to form a Worldwide Caliphate – under ISIS!
Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim country, and it is now known to have financed 911, and it was managed by Prince Sandoval of Saudi Arabia, who was, also, the Hijacker’s Paymaster! When the King died recently, the President visited the Sunni Country as an honored guest, and he had knelt before this murderer when he visited before after first assuming office, while he had to know the Saudis financed 911!
Sorry, the guy who bravely stood up, Yesterday at the Trump Rally is right when he said: “we have a problem with Muslims, and this President is a Muslim”! Hillary quickly came to President Obama’s defense, because the Bilderbergers, that her husband is a member of, are planning on using Sunni Muslims and ISIS to force conversion to a form of Islam conjoined to a form of Christianity as a Universal Religion that everyone will be forced to join or die (from decapitation?) at the hands of the most violent Sect of Islam – the Sunni version called, ISIS, that we have been arming!
Their Training camps or “Community Centers” are already built in various locations in the United States, and they are not unlike the Nazi Concentration Camps of WWII! This time, however, everyone must convert to this Universal religion of the The New Order“, which numerically has the number (666), involving Islam and a form of Christianity, and other religions that will accept Mohammed as the “last Prophet”!
So, when is an investigation going to be conducted by the Congress of this President, his CIA Head, and others, for treason and what is an obvious conspiracy? They need to be prosecuted and removed from office before their plans are completed!
We can’t let the CIA investigate, because the head is a Sunni Muslim – can we? How about the head of the FBI? I don’t know, but I do know it Looks like we are in deep trouble!
If the shoe fits – wear it! If the truth hurts – bear it!

Paul Blagg, Retired USAF And Researcher And Writer

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