Think Gluten Free Mania Is Unfounded? Try Ancient Grains

Think Gluten Free Mania Is Unfounded? Try Ancient Grains

ergot in wheat also known as claviceps purpurea

Ergot “Claviceps Purpurea” © emer –

Here are several reasons why ancient grains might be the way to go instead of gluten free

The protein content of modern wheat may be the same as it used to be, which is why people think the gluten free craze is unfounded, but gluten is only one protein in wheat. There are other prolamines, including Gliadin which is what I am sensitive to, per diagnostics. I am negative for celiac but still have real effects, including migraines, joint pain, insomnia, and even night terrors that would be hallucinations if I were awake!

Gluten has also been linked conclusively to schizophrenia, but not necessarily the celiac gene. Why? This is because there are multiple alleles of the gene and labs only test for one allele. If you test negative but only for the one allele, you could still have another, and still have the biopsy positive condition (which is often caused by corn).

There are other ancestries with problems with wheat, and my Irish/Scottish ancestry is it! This is because of the over-hybridization of the grains and a little Roundup to top it all off. I will eat organic, ancient, un-hybridized grains like spelt, quinoa, einkorn, and even some rice and oats, but no I will not partake of these poisonous whole grain durum wheat products that plague us today.

unhybridized ancient grains in Pompeii

Grains are not to be hybridized, per the Torah, which causes them to be defiled. Ancient grains like kamut, buckwheat, einkorn, spelt, amaranth, and quinoa are unhybridized.

Corn is also an entirely hybridized grain. It was originally a grass. In fact, if not for “letting seed lay with diverse kind” there would be no corn grains to eat. Per Deuteronomy 22:9 all modern grains and all therefore all corns (even maize) are defiled.

How so? Well remember that little ole verse about the wheat and the tares? (Side note, when the bible says “corn” it really means any grain).  They are supposed to grow up together, then be separated.  This is not just a metaphor for the righteous and the sinners.  This is also literal farming advice.

Today, there is no separation, as machinery harvests grains that are often contaminated with ergot.  No one is there to notice.  That could explain the schizophrenia link, as well as immune reactions.  It turns out that this ergot, which is a type of mold, just loves gluten!

Gluten is like sugar for it to feast on, so the endemic ergot infestation (which is only visible the first generation, then becomes invisibly inserted into the genes of the grains) is thriving! Between hybridizing grains to have more gooey gluten, and machine harvesting, we are all ripe for immune reactions and a nice hallucination or manic episode to top it all off!

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