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  • Bible Study
    Things Yahshua Did NOT Say

    Matthew 4 Satan has tempted me and I have sinned against Torah as it is written (so...

  • Scripture
    PART 1: Scientific Evidence Of Creation: Days 1,2,&3 of The Creation

    This is a scriptural series from the bible to deal with scientific evidence of Creation, over a...

  • Prophecy
    “Anti-Christ” and Messiah True Names In WWIII Prophecy

     The true names of the “Anti-Christ” and the coming Messiah are spelled out for those who do...

  • Morality
    True Name Verses And A Note About Bible Versions

    Which Bible Version Should I Use? Which Words should I use?   Psalm 12:6-7 6  The words of YAHWEH (יְהֹוָה) are pure words; As silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times. 7  You, O YAHWEH (יְהֹוָה), will keep them; You will preserve Him from this generation forever. Psalm...

  • Morality
    “No Law But Love” Won On Gay Marriage, but the Most High of Truth Will Reign Eternally

    “Do as thou wilt,” or “no law but love” won on Gay Marriage. I can only say this decision of “no law but love” also known as ha satan’s “do as thou wilt” will be regretted in years to come, and I can almost hear the Founding Fathers “rolling over in their...

  • Prophecy
    End Times Islamic Caliphate – “A Feckless Delusion”?

    In 2011, John Brennan, Head of the CIA and a Sunni Muslim, stated that an world-wide end times Islamic Caliphate is a “feckless delusion”. Well John, you should read your own Koran about what Jihad is really all about! It’s about securing the entire world and forcing or persuading everyone to convert...

  • Politics
    Hamas Propaganda is Winning in a World Easily Deceived

    Sometimes I think most people love the lie more than the obvious truth, but it’s so easy to spot the propaganda from Hamas: “that Israel is intentionally practicing genocide on the Palestinians”! I can’t help but wonder why/how so many people worldwide are deceived. Just because the Palestinians are suffering the most...

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