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    My Letter to President Obama After His Nervous Breakdown

    I am greatly concerned for the president after recent news (or perhaps rumors) that he suffered from a nervous breakdown and may have been sedated. This concerns me because of the danger of continual use of sedatives (which are no long-term solution), the negative effect that will have on the US in...

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    Putin and President Obama – Who is Playing Whom?

    Putin and President Obama have been at what has seemed in the past week to be a tournament of political wits over the conflict in Syria.  Despite the misleading propaganda from most Republicans, the media – especially Fox News, the likes of John “sore loser”, 4th from the bottom of his graduating...

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    “Saving Face” Or Demonstrating Our Credibility and Resolve For Syria?

    The following is a response to Rand Paul on Syria: Rand, Like you, I am proud the President decided to consult and get the approval of Congress before taking military action against Syria. I disagree with you in your statement below that this will be a “war to save face”. It’s not...

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    President Argues Case for Action in Syria

    By: Christina Bellantoni President Barack Obama sat down with Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff Wednesday at the White House. On the subject of Syria, the president stressed he has "no interest" in "any kind of open-ended conflict" there, but he said that…

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    Two Bad Options in Syria

    If the President had not opened his mouth about Syria, made his commitment and stated his red line, I would not favor intervention other than humanitarian aid to refugees and victims there, but now our credibility is on the line, and Iran and others are watching closely to see what we do....

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