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  • Prophecy
    Putin’s Strategy Against ISIS (Which is 666?)

      Very good video – view the link: Putin Video – Banned in The U.S.. Per the...

  • Politics
    Putin Resists the New World Order

    Putin resists the New World Order by using democracy and attempting to uphold the old agreement that the Ukraine would never be a part of NATO. It seems that while the corporate, government controlled media has given some of the facts and evidence against Russia in the shooting down of MH17; and...

  • Conditions
    My Letter to President Obama After His Nervous Breakdown

    I am greatly concerned for the president after recent news (or perhaps rumors) that he suffered from a nervous breakdown and may have been sedated. This concerns me because of the danger of continual use of sedatives (which are no long-term solution), the negative effect that will have on the US in...

  • Politics
    Putin and President Obama – Who is Playing Whom?

    Putin and President Obama have been at what has seemed in the past week to be a tournament of political wits over the conflict in Syria.  Despite the misleading propaganda from most Republicans, the media – especially Fox News, the likes of John “sore loser”, 4th from the bottom of his graduating...

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