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  • Economics
    Econalypse Now (Economic Collapse)

    The world is changing everyday but that will be nothing compared to the change to come when...

  • Homestead
    Home Defense Handguns

      Handguns are a good option for home defense. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. They have a long history in Americana in everything from wild west shootouts to NYPD detectives on the “beat.” There are many misconceptions about handguns out there. One is that one bullet will...

  • Homestead
    Gust of Off-Grid Power

    Gust of off-grid power could blow your energy bill in the right direction. The cost of power is going up and with the decreasing cost of renewable energy sources it is increasingly attractive to consider ditching your monthly electric bill all together. The first thing that would need to be done is...

  • Homestead
    Emergency Home Food Supply : Eating Well During a Long-Term Disaster

    An emergency home food supply is a must in this time of growing uncertainty. We live in an ever-changing and unforgiving world that requires a combination of preparation and quick thinking to succeed. So while I can’t teach you how to think more quickly, I can help you prepare. You can survive...

  • Homestead
    Solar Power Generator: For Survival, Emergencies, and Energy Control

    Solar power generators are a great resource to have at your disposal. They can be an invaluable resource for everything from going green to going off grid. They may also save your life by powering things like a refrigerator during a power outage. Now many people opt for a diesel or gasoline...

  • Homestead
    Every Day Carry: My first EDC

    This is a video of my current EDC, sad as it may be. If you like...

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