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  • Aquaponics
    Home Made Non-GMO Goldfish Food For Aquaponics

    Have you looked at the ingredients on the fish food at the big box pet stores? I’m...

  • Health
    Real Food: Harder to Find Than You Think

    REAL FOOD: It’s harder to find than you think (via The Mindful Word)      ...

  • Homestead
    Easy Sweet Potatoes Casserole

    Disclaimer* I don’t do “measurements,” so be aware of this when reading some of my recipes. Use your instincts! For your convenience however, I will give them when necessary but in this case, these are approximations that can be experimented with. These amounts should serve 2 to 3 people Ingredients: 3 to...

  • Homestead
    Worms and bees are our future.

    Update: January 2015.  We have our worm farm, a raised garden bed, and now a stock tank to begin our aquaponics adventure!  Find out how to set up your very own DIY Aquaponics system:Click Here! I am excited to announce that my husband and I are about to embark on a journey...

  • Homestead
    Heather’s Homegrown Pesto

    Freshly picked basil (sweet with some spicy) Sea salt Black pepper Pine nuts (or pecans or walnuts) Chopped, crushed raw garlic (1-3 cloves or 1 – 2 tbs) Olive oil Crushed red pepper flakes Dried or fresh oregano leaves Imported finely grated parmesan cheese Fresh squeezed lemon juice Grow some of your...

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