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    Syrian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Not Assad

      ISIS has said they “intend to use the Syrian Refugee Crisis to infiltrate the West”! In addition to that threat, there has been no real travel restrictions placed on young Muslims going to Syria and Iraq and joining ISIS/Al Qaeda, receiving training and later returning to the U.S. and Western Europe!...

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    President’s Strategy Is Arming ISIS

    File:Syrian civil war.png – Wikimedia Commons I could not believe what I heard the other day from...

  • Politics
    Netanyahu won – Where Does the POTUS Stand?

    “Barack Obama with Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office 5-18-09 2” by Executive Office of the President...

  • EC Live!
    EC Live: Real News for Jan 20-Feb 2, 2014

    EC Live: Real News for Jan 20-Feb 3 Katy Perry’s Satanic ritual, Cholesterol’s anti-cancer effects, Florida’s vote...

  • Politics
    Putin and President Obama – Who is Playing Whom?

    Putin and President Obama have been at what has seemed in the past week to be a tournament of political wits over the conflict in Syria.  Despite the misleading propaganda from most Republicans, the media – especially Fox News, the likes of John “sore loser”, 4th from the bottom of his graduating...

  • Economics
    Obama’s Debt Creation and Broken Promises

    Obama is turning out to be quite the debt creator despite the many promises he made during campaigns.  He did not keep or fight for his campaign promises: to close Guantanamo, which by keeping it open just recruits more terrorists. He changed his mind after the election of 2008 and went for...

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