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  • Surveillance
    NSA Has Hillary’s Missing Emails?

    I just wonder if the NSA might just have Hillary’s missing emails, Since they have kept phone...

  • Politics
    False Religions Cause Political Problems

    Right on, Rand Paul, who Filibustered the so-called Patriot Act, that no true patriot would have ever voted for or signed into law! Notice how the government uses psychologically reverse titles for laws that are passed? That’s true for not only The Patriot Act, which should be called “The Spy on American...

  • Politics
    Reply to Congressman Womack on NSA Spying

    Congressman Womack, no one cares about NSA spying on phone calls/Emails between people of foreign countries or even citizens communicating with foreign agents – especially if the other party is in a Muslim country that finances or supports terrorists! What we do object to is spying on Emails/phone calls between American Citizens...

  • Politics
    Uncle Sam = “Big Brother”? A Response to Alan Grayson

    Hey, Bro, Whassup? In response to the email seen below: Yes, Alan, I agree that Uncle Sam is becoming “Big Brother”, and if I were in Congress, I would be putting in a bill ASAP to repeal the Patriot Act or at least revise it to exclude such activity that is in...

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