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  • Politics
    False Religions Cause Political Problems

    Right on, Rand Paul, who Filibustered the so-called Patriot Act, that no true patriot would have ever voted for or signed into law! Notice how the government uses psychologically reverse titles for laws that are passed? That’s true for not only The Patriot Act, which should be called “The Spy on American...

  • Politics
    Obvious Conspiracy to Expand ISIS to ISIL

    The House and the Senate have voted for arming and training the so called “Free Syrian Army”,...

  • Prophecy
    End Times Islamic Caliphate – “A Feckless Delusion”?

    In 2011, John Brennan, Head of the CIA and a Sunni Muslim, stated that an world-wide end times Islamic Caliphate is a “feckless delusion”. Well John, you should read your own Koran about what Jihad is really all about! It’s about securing the entire world and forcing or persuading everyone to convert...

  • Terrorism
    Be Wise in Political Dealings with Radical Muslims

    Rand, in reference to your below article on whether the removal from power of Mohammed Morsi was a Coup or not is of little relevance to me. I’m more worried about my rights and freedoms being restored and protected than I am sending a few F-16’s to Egypt! However, we shouldn’t be...

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