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    Already Past The “Tipping Point” – What’s Next for Earth?

    Yesterday, a scientist stated during a documentary on Glacier Melting and Climate Change that was on The History Channel, and I paraphrase: “even if we stop the increase in CO2, the oceans will continue to warm for the next 30 to 50 years from the greenhouse gases already present”. However, since we...

  • Environmental
    Climate Corporation Sold to Monsanto (Weather Modification?)

    Yes, per the below article, I suspect that weather modification is going on, but I suspect it is not limited to just chemtrails. I have heard and suspect microwave beams are being bounced off the ionosphere, which is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere. While this may limit or cause weather in...

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    Fukishima Meltdowns And Global Warming

    Recently, we have learned that 70 tons of radioactive water is being dumped daily into the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima meltdowns, in the Japanese city’s Nuclear Power Plant holding tanks. They have run out of tanks to put the radioactive water, and some are leaking into ground water. So, they have...

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    Helium 3 is Our Climate Change Solution

    We need a climate change solution.  Whether you want to believe climate change is caused by humans breathing, or by the cycles of the sun, it is now undeniable that warming is happening. Science has proven that CO2 causes some warming but plants can absorb that to offset our CO2 emissions.  The...

  • Environmental
    Rapid Increase in Severe Weather Occurrences from CO2; There is Hope

    There has been a rapid increase over the last few decades in severe weather occurrences as noted by several scientists.  A guest from The Center for American Progress was on CSPAN, yesterday. He cited some frightening statistics about the increasing effects of Climate Change: in the 1980’s there was an average of...

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    Toxic Planet – Too Late to Save It?

    I just learned that not only are we poisoning our air and water, presently, but we previously have been literally spreading toxic lead all over the Earth from burning leaded gasoline that was not outlawed until 1996. That means: from the invention of the internal combustion gasoline engine, in the early 1900’s...

  • Politics
    Cap And Trade – Not The Solution

    Last night, the President rightly emphasized the argument for doing something about Global Warming and its devastating effects of climate change. He stated that “12 of the last 15 years have been the warmest on record”. I could have added that 2012 was the warmest ever recorded with an average global temperature...

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