Syrian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Not Assad

Syrian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Not Assad

syrian refugees resting after fleeing ISIS

“Syrian refugees having rest at the floor of Keleti railway station. Refugee crisis. Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe, 5 September 2015” by Mstyslav Chernov – Own work.


ISIS has said they “intend to use the Syrian Refugee Crisis to infiltrate the West”! In addition to that threat, there has been no real travel restrictions placed on young Muslims going to Syria and Iraq and joining ISIS/Al Qaeda, receiving training and later returning to the U.S. and Western Europe! ISIS is obviously building an army of trained “Lone Wolf” terrorists to attack specifically assigned targets, in Western Europe and The US, and we are doing nothing to stop them!
The Southern border is also intentionally not secure, and ISIS could be and probably is coming across in the hundreds – along with thousands of those poor Illegals coming here as an Act of Love(as Jeb calls that invasion).
According to Trump, who visited our Southern Border, this President has told the border guards to allow those Illegals (along with ISIS?) to come across unimpeded! Unbelievable!
Incidentally, you should know: those Syrian refugees are fleeing ISIS – not Assad! So, it looks like Putin has chosen correctly to take sides and is arming Assad, who is not attacking us or other western countries, not trying to form an Islamic Caliphate, and Assad is fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda, who are supposedly our most imminent enemies, who are presently attacking us and the West – while planning on forming a Worldwide Islamic Caliphate and forcing us to convert to their ill founded, criminal, and violent religion!
So, I guess Putin is right on that issue of arming Assad to help fight ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Maybe, that’s why he’s so popular in Russia (85% approval), because their Media and Press is now freer than ours, since ours is now obviously “bought and paid for” – just like our politicians, who are doing nothing to stop ISIS and AlQaeda! I just have to ask: whose side are we on?

Paul Blagg, Researcher And Free Press Writer

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