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Spotting Waldo (False Apostle Paul), Is Deception That Hard To See?

Spotting Waldo (False Apostle Paul), Is Deception That Hard To See?

It was False Apostle Paul Who Introduced the Doctrines of Baalim

Our clue for false apostle Paul? How many Altars did Baalim make? Seven? Most people think he made 7 because that’s a number of perfection, but he actually made 7 in order to make one for each deity he followed.

Paul writes in the greek “Theos” and people say “So what?”.  But the idea of a Torah Observant person speaking the name of a Pagan Deity and its system of Mighty Ones is a very disgusting practice to be avoided at all costs…because…. it is “ACTUAL SIN” and violation of direct instruction; and not your average Pentecostal or Baptist “Sin” of being seen walking into a bar for a beer.

Most people and some “scholars” reject this concept because the word “Theos is already established in the Greek Septuagint, and they make the grave mistake of presuming something is “Ok” with our Heavenly Father, and is “Vetted” by him because of its established use. Nothing could actually be father from the Truth. They are simply adopting the errors presented as Truth from ancestors (commonly known as “tradition”).

The false apostle Paul was obviously NOT Torah observant because he used, and had in his mouth, possibly by walking in tradition (Oh my, here we go again, walking down the Pharisee freeway to hell and destruction)….  the Names and Titles of Greek Pagan Mighty Ones, and the top dog in the Greek pagan religion was “THEOS”. Paul walked around telling all the Greeks “You are a son of “THEOS, especially when he writes “Be ye sons of THEOS” and in this, he is advocating you be a son of the Greek Pagan religions Mighty One. It is an act that will definitely get you a pink slip and a boot in your “You Know where” from anything established, related to our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.

In all this you simply provoke our Heavenly Father in His “Jealousy” to EARN His WRATH to YOU and several generations of your offspring, by doing something that will actually MOTIVATE Him, to not only go after YOU to curse you and to destroy you, possibly grind you, your life and the lives of four to five generations of your offspring, BACK INTO DUST for tripping His Jealous nature by flipping His Jealous switch to “ON”…by serving another Mighty One and having their name or names on your lips.

PAUL SOWED seeds of Destruction by elevating and promoting the very exceedingly sinful practices that can be inherited.

By promoting “ANOTHER” Mighty One:  THEOS  the head Title and Deity of a Pagan Greek religious system. That switched to the “ON” position, the very nature and WRATH of the Jealous Mighty One; to destroy in any means or ways that He sees fit.  And, it would be for ALL those who accepted Paul and his ways and doctrines and names and terms of the Mighty Ones who surrounded the Land of Israel. For his hand to be against them AND AGAINST the Next 4 – 5 GENERATIONS that continue to walk in Destruction.

Paul led astray by his Lawless, anti-Torah, Pharisee approach to the covenants, ways and words of Our Heavenly Father.

He also ensured the wrath of our Heavenly Father in the particular way that he led them all astray, to 4 or 5 more generations who continue to follow destruction. Because we do not yet truly know how He(our Heavenly Father) thinks, and know EXACTLY, what particular things trip His triggers, that will cause Him to engage us in a hostile manner, mainly because we have failed to pay attention to His word and particularly the “little bit” that is never openly talked and preached about, in a whole sale manner for all to hear and understand.

Messiah vs Saul of Tarsus False Apostle Paul

Saul of Tarsus. Who is your Messiah? Saul or Yahshua?

That there are SINS, ways and actions He tells us NOT to do, and He lays it on the line by saying “if you do this, I’m gonna do that”; and Paul in his very nature of being a Torahless, lawless adherent to tradition, with “screw the Truth” ways of the Pharisees that he was; that Messiah told us were a “den of vipers”, “full of dead men’s bones”, their converts “twice the children of Hell or the grave G’henna”.  People ASSUME Messiah lied to us by believing “Oh there must have been some good Pharisees, look what Paul did and said”; and by ways of being deceived, you accept one who Messiah called a VIPER; and You not actually understand why they are ALL VIPERS; and that they can work and practice their destructive, send you to hell evil, right in front of you and Right under your nose; and you will have no idea what they are actually doing; because you failed to listen to and understand what Messiah warned you about; and what our Heavenly Father says about certain things.

Sure, go ahead and be adulterous with your neighbor’s wife. That will get you into trouble. But serve another Mighty One and have its name on your lips and not only YOU but every one that proceeds from you will suffer and be in trouble to four or five generations following Destruction.  So let’s keep things in perspective please and let’s pay attention to the real damage Paul caused. People still continue to this day, practicing and assuming errors because of an Ignorance, or a polite way of saying “Don’t have a clue about or know anything of”; Believing that Paul did no wrong, believing him to be a Great One, sent from above to deliver the truth of Salvation to us, when in fact just the opposite is true. Not knowing or understanding that Paul was sent TO DECEIVE YOU, TO TEST YOU, TO SEE IF YOU PAY ATTENTION to the very words of Our Heavenly Father and Messiah.

Paul was instrumental in sowing seeds of Destruction to not only YOU, but also will affect the suffering and give consequences to your Great-Great-Great grandchildren if they continue to follow Paul. People who go through religious education have NO CLUE what Paul engaged himself in, advocating, practicing and teaching an error, that he also inherited.  It being also now a big part of “The works” and general acceptance, because of the Work established in the Greek Septuagint. The Errors of serving and having the names of Other Mighty Ones on your lips. That upon study seem to be the main culprits and causes of not only YOUR DESTRUCTION that will continue to your offspring who will not have any clue about, who will develop the attitude that “LIFE SUCKS”, and might not ever figure out why. Because you were not paying attention to what our Heavenly Father and Messiah said!

A problem that is so well veiled, probably kept secret, not really spoken of much…

That also is highly effective in causing a person to be Blind to Truth. That will cause you to not Spot Waldo, have you running around believing “I’m saved, I’m saved, Jesus saved me”, That will also cause you to Not spot Waldo by making doctrinal statements like “ I’m Saved”. Now I have to “die to my flesh so I can be spiritual” when the Fact remains Messiah came and said “I came to give YOU life and Life ABUNDANTLY.”

Apparently there seems to be no need for some other entity to emerge or that a need exists to warrant the position of having to be dead to yourself in order to be “Living in the Spirit” totally divorced from your self, that Messiah said he came for and that He would give you LIFE and life abundantly.

Yes YOU…You as you are, as you exist, You as a whole person, responsible for your OWN sins. Not owning any doctrines that it’s not you who sins, because secretly there is an entity inside you, that’s not you, and you can blame all the sin and reasons for sinning on IT, and that because it’s not you, you’re not responsible for it, neither by extension can you be punished for it. Believing simply, it’s not YOU, it’s another entity in you, which causes you to fail to recognize YOU as YOU and a whole being.

Continued thoughts and teachings along this Line of Fragmented entity, dual personality, separate entities dwelling in a body, their existence of being and assignment of character, blame, emotions, etc, etc. All based on teachings and theology that prevent YOU from being YOU as a whole person you were created to be, that a Good Shepherd found for one reason or another, the need to assume a role, because you were found worthy, to be called “LOST SHEEP of The House of Israel” and because of WHO YOU ARE. He will give YOU life abundantly. Messiah has never issued a statement that YOU are not acceptable or that YOU have to be SOMEONE or SOMETHING else except repentant and to be humble before Him. No teachings of you have to be dead to your self or that you can exist in such a condition and that if not in the condition of dead to self, unable, unworthy, previously disqualified from everything that your Heavenly Father and Messiah wants YOU to be, yes YOU, not some other entity in you. That prevents YOU from being YOU causing you to seek a dimensional shift that YOU cannot go to but can if you believe you’re a duel entity, thinking “I’m not here, I’m dead to myself,” Theology. That Violates the very reason of the need for rescue by a Good Shepherd to rescue YOU, because of WHO YOU ARE….YOU, a whole being, and not what some people might try to get you thinking that You are Not YOU and that You cannot be You having to consider your self dead to your self so that you stay worthy, acceptable and qualified to be a member of the Kingdom.

All these complicated issues of Theology cause you to spend your entire LIFE trying to understand and do, causing you to assume a position of a slit being, a fragmented entity; that causes you to eternally not see who YOU are:  as YOU a whole being. Yes made just like that…YOU.

Those teachings come from people who sold you land in the swamps of Florida. Their teachings violate the principles of “DO and BE” simple things like this, that children, simple children can understand and do.

Do as He says and you will be His Children.  Say “Ohhh I like that, let’s do and be”; and they go do it and they are; us adults complicate things and Messiah said “unless you become as children you will not enter into the Kingdom”  Hmmm ??? Is anyone actually looking into this and trying it or Is your life all wrapped up in trying to figure out what some so-called apostle wrote and said?; that doesn’t seem to work and you don’t really understand and it causes you to quest your life trying to figure out what the problem is and why you’re not successful and why isn’t it working?

Did I read it right? Oh lets check the Greek to see what we missed so we can find the problem and correct it. And then FINALLY reach a point where you can say “ HALLELU-YAH, NOW I’m spiritual” And I think it will be at that point where a person will seek a Church where every Sunday they will be comfortable, not being themselves, but some other entity that ends up crashing to the floor and flopping around on the floor like a wet noodle that just got electrocuted or like a still wet fish, freshly taken out of the pond and has just enough oxygen to flop around on the floor for a while. ALL this has come about because of simple things like accepting THEOS; Pagan mighty Ones, that eventually got fired and replaced with more or other pagan mighty ones; Like “GOD”: yes we got that pagan mighty one from the Teutonic’s in Europe who in turn got it from Babylon.

And we still have TODAY the same problem, that had we identified it 2000 years ago, and did what the assemblies in Asia did and BOOTED the False apostles like Paul

that consistently delivered the very stuff that was deceiving you and would choke the living daylight out of you. That has now brought to us the current world we live in, because we accepted False Apostles and LIARS, to our own and the generations to come detriment. Had we been listening, would have changed a lot of things. We might have turned out to be a people who simply read His word and simply did it which by doing it would make us BE…BE his children, BE in covenant with him, BE truthful, BE happy, BE saved, BE who we should BE.

2000 years ago, a few people were not listening; some decided to even think that Messiah was lying to them and they developed the stupid deluded idea of “Oh some Pharisees were OK”; and This Pharisee over here had a fantastic message and decided they were going to Follow and listen to him.  In this having failed to listen to and understand Messiah in saying, they are a “den of VIPERS”; beware of their Teaching (leaven); they are full of dead men’s Bones, their converts are twice the children of Hell.

The Problems of serving OTHER pagan deities has never been resolved. We as a culture stay in the same state that got us all divorced in the first place. Have we learned anything? And when anyone steps up to the plate to bat or spill the beans on what’s going on, they get shouted at, demonized, and other people tell certain people who just might listen and learn: “Oh don’t listen to that person, they are crackpots, wolves in sheep’s clothing, off the wall, deluded, don’t know what they’re talking about”.  So people reject them and shut out what they say that will actually help those people who struggle to seek and find truth, to simply BE the one they are meant to BE. ALL because some deluded person who was NOT listening decided that there was ONE GOOD PHARISEE, who had some so-called truth to tell, and assumed the false title that he was NOT worthy to take because he didn’t qualify as one on a SINGLE POINT to be valid as one.

The wreckage and disaster he caused to “The WAY” and the deceptions he delivered, The Global wreckage he caused that you daily walk through, unable to see and understand, that appears completely normal to you, is because of deceptions delivered to us 2000 years ago by some bright sparks thinking “Oh this Pharisee is OK”; failing to comprehend why Messiah called them a DEN of VIPERS, not realizing what their venom would do.

May I introduce you to Saul of Tarsus, commonly known as Apostle Paul

A messenger sent to you to question because they actively deceived you, and their purpose and what they said and did as a Test to see if you really were listening to the correct Mighty One or failing to listen and would be deceived to go down in the same sinking ship that the rest of this world is going down in.

Satan didn’t send Saul of Tarsus to deceive and Test many. The deception was sent from Our Heavenly Father to those who wouldn’t listen to Him and HE chooses Your deception because of that. Our Heavenly Father sent Paul the so-called apostle Paul to TEST YOU.  Are you listening or not?

You’re still alive, you don’t have to fail the test, all you have to do is Go back and read the Book, listen to what He says, and then and only then will you be able to “Spot Waldo” ; recognize the deception and then do something to work at removing it.

May our Heavenly Father have mercy on us all.



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Written by Alan Geisdorf

Edited by Tamar Yael

December 24, 2015

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