Secular Humanism: The New Declaration of Independence from Yahweh

Secular Humanism: The New Declaration of Independence from Yahweh

If you declare independence from bigotry based on religion you advocate for Secular Humanism

which more or less outlaws any religion that teaches what you call: sexism, homophobia, or can be interpreted as racism. Secular Humanism is the long prophesied New World Order! Well, congratulations on being one of the first to declare man’s laws are superior to the laws of the Almighty Yahweh, who gave us those laws of truth – as guidance for proper human behavior in our societies for the maximum protection for our health, harmony, and order in our society.
What you are now saying is you believe in Lucifer’s Laws that says we “can do as thou will” as long as it’s under the “law of love”, which means we no longer acknowledge any physical/mental/emotional differences in the sexes, races, or sexual preference. Sorry, but that is a lie of Lucifer, and statistical data proves you wrong. There are mountains of data and common sense that the races are not equal in all things, the sexes are not equal in all things, and homosexuals are not equal to heterosexuals when it comes to sexual reproduction.

Being equal in all things is not the same as having equal opportunity.  Equal opportunity is fair, but calling all equal in all things is a lie.

Sorry, we should base our laws based on Yahweh’s laws of truth – not love based on Lucifer’s lies. That does not mean we have the right to murder, imprison, belittle, scorn or enslave those of an inferior status in any arena. Indeed, we should provide equal opportunity/protection for employment, running for office, health care, and Civil Unions for Gay Partners, which could give them legal “Equal Protection” – but not “marriage,” which is a sacred union between two people of the opposite sex, and that can not religiously be changed, because it is based on a higher power than any secular judge – the Almighty Yahweh, himself!

Why should we offer equal opportunity in all those areas?

Because there are always exceptions to any general rule, that is – except for Gay Marriage, which can never be equal to Heterosexual Marriage, because it takes three people’s DNA to reproduce, and it is against the laws of most religions! To defy that is to deny citizen’s their Freedom of Religion – under your proposed law against bigotry!

The truth is there is plenty of unequal opportunity based on socioeconomic class

And that’s the one category many seem to overlook. It’s class discrimination that is the real bigotry and is encouraged and reinforced in our society. If you start out in a lower class, your chance of ever getting to the top is almost impossible unless of course you sell your soul to the devil, as I was asked to do by asking me to join a Secret Society that worships Lucifer. Of course, I refused, but many have of course accepted – right?
If you change the Constitution outlawing judgment of Homosexuality, when equal opportunity is not the same as being truly equal, you will essentially be establishing a new form of bigotry and hatred against religious beliefs.

Religion teaches there are true differences that should be acknowledged. Freedom or Religion and Freedom of Speech and Press will no longer exist if the Secular Humanists have their way.

I am already being oppressed and intimidated by someone, who has my phone number under my name and has called me on several occasions.

The last time he/she called, with my name and my phone number, as caller ID, I picked up the phone and answered. There was just silence on the other end. I asked the phone company how this is possible for someone to have my name and same phone number? They said it’s a hacker from telemarketing. Well, if so, why didn’t they try to sell me something when I picked up and answered? No, this is someone hacking in to my phone line to intimidate me – that unless I squelch the truth I know and silence my pen, they intend to steal my identity, perhaps murder me, then become me – complete with my Social Security number, DOB, and license information.

So, there is a movement to destroy Free Speech, Free Press, and Freedom of Religion

Of those who proclaim the Truth and question the lies of ha satan and the direction this country is headed, which is right off the cliff of self destruction – to Satan’s delight!
Therefore, for the above reasons, I no longer feel like celebrating the 4th of July, because I no longer see it as the country I once loved and risked my life for in Vietnam. Now, will I become a terrorist? See, that’s against the law of thou shall not murder, which Islam actually encourages their followers to do. No, I won’t be a terrorist, no matter what is said about veterans and the religious. But if nothing is done to reverse this Gay Marriage Decision, I’ll just be looking for another country to move to, because you can bet this country is headed for self destruction!

In Conclusion: when it comes to adherence to Yahweh’s Commandments and his enduring, time tested laws of truth versus Lucifer’s self destructive tenets of: “no law except love” and “do as thou will”, or what many are calling Secular Humanism. I’ll stand by Yahweh’s laws based on the truth, because: love surely fails, but the truth endures forever!

Paul Blagg, Researcher And Writer

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