SCOTUS Approved Obamacare – Surprised?

SCOTUS Approved Obamacare – Surprised?

I see recently SCOTUS approved Obamacare, which is really Hiillary-care

Which was really Romney-care, which was originally the brain child of The American Heritage Foundation and other Conservative Republican Think Tanks of the 1980’s! Hillary is happy that it passed the Supreme Court, but it really should be no surprise that just three conservative Justices dissented, and Chief Justice John Roberts okayed it, because that was preordained!
Now, the Republicans will have an issue to run against Hillary on, and of course, Jeb is the “chosen one” to the Republican nominee. Since Hillary is tied to the “Bilderbergers”, and Jeb is tied to “Skull and Bones”, you can bet Obamacare will remain the law, and the middle class will continue to be destroyed using this law that only benefits the insurance companies and the “For Profit” Health Care Providers – as evidenced by their stocks soaring right after the decision!

Bernie Sanders will offer the extreme socialism option of “Medicare for All”

Which won’t win due to its ties to socialism. He could offer a compromise of of allowing those over 50 to buy into Medicare – paying a higher premium than those over 65 (based on their income) but still a much lower premium than what they would pay for private insurance. You can bet if he offered that option, he could win against Hillary and Jeb, but he won’t, because he’s just a “stand in” – to make it look like this is not going to be a coronation, and apparently just wants to build up his campaign chest – just like the Republican Candidates are doing against Jeb, when they all know he is already the “chosen one”!

So, why not allow those over 50 to buy into Medicare?

Since they are younger and will go to the doctor less often, than those over 65, more money would be coming into Medicare than going out in paying claims. Also, those under 50 would cost less in claims to private insurance companies, since they are younger and healthier, and the private insurance companies could lower their premiums, as well!
In addition, adding about $1 billion a year for more personnel in Medicare should cover the extra personnel needed for more claims being filed, and there would still be enough to pay for more people/methods in Medicare to stop fraudulent claims, which would save another $60 billion a year for Medicare! It’s a “no-brainer” that since Medicare costs 1/10th as much to administer as private insurance companies, the $200 billion a year Medicare Deficit could thereby be eliminated! Sorry, Paul Ryan – no need to privatize Medicare!

Why does it cost 1/10th as much to administer Medicare? That’s easy: because Medicare does not have the Baboon King CEO at the top of every Private Insurance Company that thinks he has to earn 400 times the average worker. Add to that cost – his over paid Lieutenants, who also earn way more than they are worth, and you have the reason private insurance companies cost ten times what Medicare costs to administer.  That’s why!
So Bernie Sanders will run on “Medicare for All”, be called a “Socialist”, and lose to Hillary, who is actually a “closet Republican“! For her to win the Democratic nomination is preordained, I guess.
In the meantime, what really happened at Benghazi will be hidden forever, when all that would be necessary to find out what happened there is to subpoena those missing Emails to Chris Stevens and the phone calls that made the “stand back and wait” order to the three Special Forces guards at the Annex, who could have saved Chris Stevens and the three other Americans if they had gotten there in time! But then, Chris knew too much and was complaining about the gun running to terrorists to take out Qaddafi, and when Chris complained in those Emails, he had to be “sacrificed” – right Hillary? I guess her good friend, Sidney Blumenthal gave the stand back/wait order – huh?

Now, since Hillary deleted those Emails pertinent to Benghazi

"SCOTUS III (19156454411)" by DonkeyHotey - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

SCOTUS Approves Obamacare

I wonder just where we might find those missing/deleted Emails and those phone calls? Well, at last, I think I found a reason why we need the NSA – other than for their real reason of spying on true patriots like me! You see: I bet NSA has those missing Emails and the Phone calls! Wow! I never thought I would be thanking the people who may have destroyed two of my computers simply because I Just tell it like it really is.
So, when are you Republicans going to subpoena those missing/deleted Emails and phone calls from NSA? Or, are you’ll part of the conspiracy to let Hillary be the Democrat nominee? Also, I’d like for good old “No spin” Bill O’Reilly to suggest this possible closure solution to Benghazi, or maybe Megan Kelly, or – even Sean Hannity? No, I guess not – huh?
So, I guess the truth truly is more powerful than any amount of money or fame, though most turn their eyes from it!

Paul Blagg, Researcher And Writer

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