Facebook just had me agree to their updated non-discrimination policy. It says that we cannot discriminate against any “group” including religious. I’m not sure if that actually works in reality. Are they guilty of religious discrimination hypocrisy?

In 2010 I decided to read the first five books of the bible to see what it was the big deal that my BIOLOGICAL FATHER told me to do since I was a child. I read it. I decided in 2013 that my father had done a very good job of convincing me through the gospels that Yahshua actually taught that we should follow the Torah, and after reading the Pentatuach and comparing it to the gospels, I agreed.
I know there are specificities in the Pentatuach that don’t match up to today’s world. I don’t need any external temple or “church” according to my interpretation of the interpretations and translations (which vary GREATLY), but I do believe my body is a temple. I do know that the “life is in the blood” and I understand the importance of keeping my temple (my body) clean.
My “religious” beliefs closely align with the ancient Essenes, Ebionites, or Nazarene Jews which were very early Christians who followed the Jewish laws. Many of them, I believe, understood that the animal sacrifices were a manipulation of the priesthood that was unneccessary for moving forward with life, forgiveness, and righteousness. (The king who declared himself king and had retaken the temple without the annointing of the prophet did shed a lot of blood so the Essenes kept the scrolls safe out in Qumran and Nag Hammadi Egypt where they were discovered UNTOUCHED BY THE CHURCH in 1945/1947).

The Essenes questioned the establishment Levitical priests.

And their hidden scrolls proved the manipulation of bible by the hands of the RCC; and rightly so. They didn’t just prove the manipulations the church made. Their pentiant for protecting scrolls also proved later the manipulations of the Levitical priesthood as well. I will always prefer prophets to priests. The more I study the more I question the compilation of books and inspirations many call the “bible”.
The Essenes: the ones that the Crusaders and Templars murdered for even suggesting that Constantine was a lying fake. You know the Essenes, the ones that didn’t call Jesus/Yahshua god-man (which is a borrowed pagan theology) but understood fundamentally that he was a prophet and Messiah to the House of Israel who was here to turn us back to listening to that father and also forward toward listening to the divine WITHIN our bodies/temples?
The Essenes, ones who followed his words, the 10 commandments, and clean food laws. The ones that are all but gone now because they were wiped out by religious terrorists along with “Witches”, Muslims and Jews? The ones doing the murdering were the real sorcerers.
I believe, like the Essenes, that putting certain things in MY BLOOD especially from OTHER BLOOD SOURCES, prohibits my ability to CONNECT WITH SPIRIT. THAT IS MY “RELIGIOUS” AKA SPIRITUAL BELIEF. AND THERE ARE MORE OF ME! SO WE ARE A “GROUP” BUT MANY OF US ARE AS A RESULT OPPOSED TO VACCINES! It is hypocritical to discriminate against some while elevating others’ religious beliefs, and claim an anti-discrimination policy.
These folks, the Essenes/Ebionites/Nazarenes who believed that Yahshua was a prophet who we should emulate because we are ALL sons and daughters of the divine were mostly killed off then by the Templars and Crusaders of the church. They accused us of being witches, heretics, and zealots and burnt us at the stake. ESPECIALLY the ones that KNEW that Jesus/Yahshua was a HUMAN BEING WHO HAD CHILDREN. Especially anyone related to his children (aka Merovingian bloodline and more).
Oh boy, that understanding of reality as opposed to church propaganda, did not fit with the agenda of the external church! So those folks had to be taken out.
Today anti-vaxxers who now call themselves “pure bloods” are being called terrorists and disease spreaders just like the Holocaust victims of WWII. But notice by whom? Who is calling anti-vaxxers terrorists and disease spreaders but the modern version of the black magick blood ritual sorcerers; PHARMA?
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Religious discrimination of some while not others is pure hypocrisy

Well Facebook, my church is WITHIN ME, and I love Yahshua so I keep my temple CLEAN, especially from tortured blood. Do I have a protection as part of a “group” on Facebook? I think not.
That means I don’t put anything in my BLOOD made from the blood of animals or humans! I eat meat but never blood! The ancient Essenes were very mystical people. They prophesied about Yahshua as the “teacher of righteousness” and warned about Paul the “spouter of lies” who led Israel astray by mixing belief systems, setting up the success of Constantine and the hybrid religion that modern Christianity is today.
The Essene beliefs align with a lot of the “channeler” folks of today who believe they have contact with “higher entities” (for channelers usually aliens) but for the Essenes, they wanted to keep pure vessels in order to have DIVINE insight. They were ritually clean and boy did it pay off! They wrote a ton of divinely inspired prophecy. They knew that clouding the body with the “tortured life” (blood) of HUMANS or ANIMALS would muddy their spiritual waters and make it more difficult to get their divine inspiration. Many became vegetarian and vegan and this is why, but would NEVER INJECT A BLOOD PRODUCT into their temples/bodies.
In other words it was their religion not to drink blood and not to get vaccinated. And it’s mine. But FB discrimination policy does not accommodate for me speaking my beliefs in order to share divine inspiration with others. In fact, it suppresses that information.
So back to that whole “we don’t discrminate against groups” thing, Facebook… Am I allowed to talk about my religion without getting censored?

That feels like Hypocritical Discrimination

Of course FB is full of it. Ancient, powerful families are still loaded with stolen money and full of manipulative power hungry dark energy. The corrupt authorities of religion who deem themselves worthy of telling me what to believe, are still manipulating millions and teaching things that would NOT preserve most people’s abilities to be in touch with their INHERENT divine nature! Why would someone who wants power teach you to be empowered? And the side terrorists still go around torturing innocent followers of Torah to this day.
Old powerful families still torture and harass those who dare to oppose their plans to this day. They are involved with many organizations of power. These families are tied in with 2 millennia of power; so they are connected to PHARMA, too. They still discriminate against, target, torture, and destroy; those who only wish to be left alone in the dessert with their ancient scrolls so they can meditate on the divine. But especially those who try to share that wisdom which frees the common man from the chains of lies that have been fed to them.
That’s my religion, Facebook! How about you stop censoring my posts about the dangers of vaccines, made from sacrificed humans, synthetic cross species viral RNA, and animals? Or are you run by the wicked sorcerer priests of today? Pharma is the real sorcery; especially made from mass bred, tortured, and sacrificed animals and humans. It’s not the ladies dancing under the moonlight and healing with crystals and herbs. Those women with healing powers were also edited and slain by the corrupt. Read more, from more sources and you’ll know who the real sorcerers are.