How to best monetize site and avoid ads/censorship

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      Well guys, it’s just true that I can’t pour money into this site forever without it starting to pay for itself. This is what I’m thinking:

      Regular magazine with less provocative content will remain free.

      To post a comment on content or forums, one must sign up with email.

      To create a forum topic, and groups, one must pay lifetime membership ($7.77?).

      To be a blogger, one must send a resume and sample writing and be in line with our values, and willing to only promote approved products within their posts (to the magazine) that could earn them return on time.

      To post media (like videos and pictures) one must pay for specific amount of storage. I will have to figure out the cost for the storage for me and hosting, then divide that up… but it will give a place for folks to share videos. These folks can promote products as well, as long as they are approved (to make sure they benefit humanity which is in line with my terms and conditions) to earn on their investment, and of course promote their own content.

      To be a podcaster on our site, there will be a similar format to the video uploads. These will most likely crossover with each other since videos can easily become podcasts.

      To access secured content (like my more censored videos and others’ eventual censored videos) they can pay a monthly or yearly access fee, much lower than that to post videos.

      What do you think? I really hope I can earn an income and help others earn income too. I don’t want a job, and the more this system of oppression continues, the more we will all need new ways to earn income.

      I have a wordpress video server right now AND and encrypted server. But I’m still trying to figure out how to get the encrypted server to serve videos without glitches. Once I do that the content will be SECURE from censorship, even by wordpress, etc. The encrypted server WILL NOT be able to be deleted, even by the owner, who I rent from. Please give your feedback, and thanks for being some of the first to join this site.

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