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      Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

      Wouldn’t it be nice if I could change that greeting so that way it would be correct based on the time at which you are reading this post. That is where programming comes in. The heart of programming is taking data and making decisions based on said data. We have the time from the clock on your computer. We can make can take these various pieces of information and create the correct greeting.

      // If compTime less than Noon
      if (compTime <= Noon )  {
         'Good Morning,'
      } else if (compTime => Noon && comptime <= 6PM) {
         'Good Afternoon,'
      } else {
         'Good Evening,' 

      To get started on Mac:
      Download Node
      * Go to and download the latest version
      * you should now have access to the npm command in your terminal window
      * You are now ready to begin your Javascript development Journey

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