Tiffany Conrad
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My experience during the last 2 years…

I work in a non-clinical position at a community hospital. When the vaccines came out we were the first in the community besides the immunocompromised to receive it. They were pushed on us employees but many were hesitant as I was. Like most, I wanted to wait, which should be understandable. I also have a 15 and 11 yr old that I would not allow to get either. Thank God I did. Many in my family did receive it including my grandma who was diagnosed with myocarditis shortly after. My sister who has fibromyalgia started having lumps appear on her head neck and elsewhere shortly after her 2nd. She then gets her booster and months later wakes up with swollen hands and face. Unable to mover her fingers and numb leg. Never had these symptoms before. It was their choice and didn’t want to take my advice. I’ve been lucky to be healthy to date.

However, with this hepatitis outbreak in kids I am getting the feeling that it doesn’t matter that some did not receive it. Like my 11 year old who was initially diagnosed with mild hepatitis in March, the month after he turned 11. I say initially because in February we were in and out of the pediatricians office with gastro issues. First they thought maybe covid but it was negative. Then mono, strep, flu and all were negative. For almost a month still no reason for the headaches, dizziness, nausea etc. Off to the ER we go in March and after blood work and xray, were told he had mild hepatitis with enlarged liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Negative for all Hepatitis strains A-E. He also now is anemic which he never had before. His ALT & AST were elevated 2x but not the 5x like what many kids have now. However, as of this month they are now up 2.5x and rising. He has frequent nose bleeds where it gushes out anywhere anytime of day. I’ve had to push the doctors to relate this to the outbreak and they wont because his levels aren’t 500+ so to them he doesn’t have hepatitis. My son is overweight but has never had any health issues before then all of a sudden his liver is enlarged and he is sick again with the same symptoms this week. I fought for the adenovirus test but the gastro said they wouldn’t do it since it is a respiratory test. LOL I about blew a gasket… I got his pediatrician to do one and the results I had to request from the lab because I still haven’t heard from neither the gastro or pediatrician. The results were 13u/l for an Adenosine Deaminase, Serum/Plasma test. The ref interval says:0-15 so I assume it is normal but is it? I am usually pretty good at figuring things out but I don’t know what the heck it means. I am just extremely frustrated at this point because I knew not to get this yet it is now affecting my child.

Another thing… I’ve researched many clinical trials and saw that UAB has done many trials on mice for a variety of reasons. Usually they “create” the mice for other trials, sometimes for gain of function. Oddly enough, the initial hepatitis outbreak with kids in the US was found blocks away from this type of research. I give up on the medical field anymore.

On the other hand since I am taking matters into my own hand, I did see that artichoke oil helps with the liver so for now we will be trialing that to see how it helps his liver. So if there is anyone with experience on this let me know! Other than that, my faith is in God.