Heather Day
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I am interested in getting some more pictures of this stuff on here. If there were a nanotech that was parasitic I believe it could still be organic/life based, and still have some sort of way to communicate with the grid. That’s just me but perhaps it is curable with anti-parasitic drugs still. Also the reports of the hydra interest me. I wonder if hydrogel has some relation to that? I have not studied enough but did see the recent DARPA docs released saying the gov’t knew that HCQ and IVM are “curative at all stages of the disease”… before a bunch of people died. I still believe in our power to “overcome” (I know you know who said that) and believe that plant medicine, is going to be key. I am flabbergasted that more people have not explored traditional antiviral Chinese mushrooms for this “disease”. Sorry about your dog and yourself! I had a surgery over a year ago, and my back has been screwed up since.