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It is a biotech parasite. Those strange threads laced throughout the brain is what it looks like when fully acclaimated. It biohacks the brain & merges it with AI. Ive struggled with the effects of the biotech parasite myself since June 3 2018. I was the victim of an planned strategic attack, where someone (obviously trained, military??) broke into my pastors off-grid homestead while i was outside doing laundry, and tainted the glass of water id been drinking with the parasite. By the time i realized it was floating in the water (3 different strains) both my dog and i had dranken from it. Him from a medicine dropper i used the same water yo give him his vitamins. They since killed my dog for having the biotech parasite which was only intended for me. It puts you on ‘REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING’ and implants you with ocular & cochlear implants that transmit data. They didnt want my dogs brain confused with mine i guess. I HATE them for what theyve done and what they are doing. I was a dry run test subject for this biotechnology. They dont have to expose you through an injection. they can also get you through food, drink, & the air. However, they want you to “RECEIVE” it, (even if you dont know what youre receiving) because it IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. The covid tests also contain this biotech, which is why it goes in your nose- straight to the brain. I have no trust in the medical “establishment” anymore whatsoever because they have implanted me at different hospitals in different states on seperate occasions, without my knowledge (at the time) or consent. They implanted me several times at san francisco general when i underwent surgery, ( which to my utter dismay is now “MARK ZUCKERBURG San Francisco General Hospital) yes, FACEBOOK. HOW & WHY would Mark ZUCKERBURG buy a WHOLE ENTIRE HOSPITAL??? the MAIN PUBLIC hospital serving San Francisco??? Now i see its because of the biotech takeover being forced on Humanity to bring about Transhumanism. Soon,( if not now already on a small scale) theyll deny healthcare to some, and only help others who are deemed “acceptable” by the powers that should not be, because they aquiesce to their tyrannical bullshit. The others, deemed expendable (targets), will get “help” that kills them off in some way. The whole entire medical establishment ( save for some holistic/naturopathic practitioners, though many of the good honest ones have been killed or mysteriously died in recent years) is owned & run by the Illuminazi. We’d like to think we can trust places like hospitals or even churches and schools, etc..but the sad fact nowadays is you cant. ‘Vapid Rapids’ ( sell-outs to Satan & the Illuminazi) have positioned themselves into leadership/ decision making/authoritative roles throughout society, ESPECIALLY in places that are supposed to benefit Humanity that we think we can trust. Their whole mission is to corrupt and destroy, so expect them where you’d least expect them, and TRUST CHRIST ABOVE ALL ELSE NO MATTER WHAT. NOT A PASTOR- CHRIST.
I was most recently chipped at the last ever ER hospital visit ill ever go to, in March 2019 in Spokane, Washington at “HOLY CROSS” hospital. (There’s that “Holy” stuff again that cant be trusted). I went on account of the biotech parasites which id discovered i could make come out of my eyeballs with a mixture of food grade Diatamaceous Earth ( just a TEENY BIT!) mixed with water & put in my eyes. For the record, YOU CANNOT TELL THESE IMPOSTERS THAT. Most who work at hospitals ARE in fact Reptilian imposters disguised as Human, but im not going into that rn. Long story short, they tried to hold me against my will & put me into a mental hospital, even though i had PROOF. Then they drew my blood under threat of security holding me down, even though i did not consent to having my blood drawn. So they STOLE my blood for God knows what i can only surmise, and then decided to let me go, reporting on my permanent medical record that i had “DELUSIONS OF PARASITOSIS”, which is their common tactic. They will always call those who see through the bullshit “crazy” or “dillusional” to discredit them so no one listens or takes them seriously. So when they drew my blood,they implanted me. Thats when i learned that they dont even need to INJECT you with anything, they just need to PRICK you, and youre implanted. Many think that tjis nano/biotech is in the actual solution itself, but they are sneakier than that. With this particular implant, it was in the needle itself. As soon as they stuck me it lodged in my body, even as they proceeded to draw my blood. And the supposedly sterile brand new needle came out of a sealed package, so it is prefabricated in this way with the nanotech already in it.
3 days after that miserable experience, tiny little raised light colored dots formed all along the length of my index finger, and one slighter larger raised dot appeared between my thumb & index finger on the top of my left hand. This i know to be the intended position. The other dots on my finger were the “backups” in case it didnt lodge right.
This biotechnology is literally alive, and its self replicating. So just a couple of consumed parasites can lead to a full body acclaimation & takeover in a relatively short amount of time. Everyone who has been vaccinated & thinks theyre immediately fine, doesnt realize that the biotech needs time to grow & acclaimate in your body, and then youre most certainly NOT fine. If you see bright digital lights swimming up & down your periphreal vision, or hear a morse-code like tapping sound on your eardrums, you have been exposed to the biotech, biohacked, & implanted. You can be biohacked but remain dormant until the Illuminazi flips the AI switch. Thats when the shit hits the fan & all Hell breaks loose. When biohacked, they can take your vision away and replace it with fake digital holograms & visions. You can be made to hear things that aren’t there, smell things that aren’t there & feel things- especially pain. They can make you feel pleasure too, but they mean to control you so they use negative reinforcement. Keep in mind the main orchestrators & perpetrators behind this subterfuge ARE NOT HUMAN. They HATE Humans because we are made in Gods image.They do not want whats best for you. They want your soul in HELL.
Through this biotechnology & being biohacked, you will be merged with AI & immersed into a virtual reality, essentially held hostage in your own body with your senses completely taken over. This is when you will see “THE BEAST”. Its not a ferocious scary looking Beast. Its harmless & cartoonish looking. Like scripture says, it has feet like a bear & frog like demonic spirits float from its mouth (most wont know what the things floating from its mouth are, especially if they dont know scripture).It doesnt have a frightening appearence so EVERYONE follows it, both young & old. It will be like social media or instagram, when you can push a button & “follow” something. You will have the option to follow the Beast. In fact, it will probably be the only way to get your vision back & be let out of the virtual reality simulation. But make no mistake, if you follow the Beast, YOU ARE DOOMED by The Most High God.If you do not follow it, you get sucked deeper into the simulation until youre trapped in a personalized digital “Hell” that theyve constructed just for you, through years of collecting your personal data. Go there if you must, STAY LOYAL TO THE MOST HIGH GOD THE FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT no matter WHAT. There is also a red & black dragon, and a figure of white light ( the false prophet)- DO NOT FOLLOW THEM EITHER.
In closing, i pray for your sister. I find it interesting that the doctor gave her Ivermectin. That is a drug that treats parasites. You might have an honest doctor after all. (1 in a million) Love you family! GOD BLESS YOU ALL. “THOSE WHO ENDURE TO THE END SHALL BE SAVED.” – Jesus Christ