Heather Dayvis Report Pilot “Fake News is Real”

Heather Dayvis Report Pilot “Fake News is Real”

Fake News Is Real

Today I want to focus on what’s really important: truth and love.  There is a lot of hate, greed, and fear out there, but we can combat it with truth and love. I will talk about how this hate and fear causes folks to victimize others, cover up “real news” with “fake news”, label truth as lies, and lies as truth, and take advantage of the masses.

I will mention Pizzagate, but NOT try to prove it. It’s already real in my eyes, and I will attack it from the perspective of what we can do as a society to stop things like this.

I will talk about recent regulations that harm the masses, like SB277 and Dr. Pan’s new plans, HR6 the “Cures Act” and what it means for us as patients, the USDA meat export law that makes me want to find a good butcher, and the “fake news” attack that has me thinking of a new website for people who love the truth.

Disclaimer about Fake News

What is the alternative media? It comprises of Youtube, Wikileaks, LiveLeak, InfoWars, Drudge, and more… It is true that they may or may not be listed as “fake news” on the new site burning list.  It’s true that not all of them tell the absolute truth.  But I assure you I trust the broke guy at home spending hours editing than I trust Anderson Cooper, or Megyn Kelly. Why?

Truth or Lies? How Do You Know?

When you are trying to discern truth from lies, you must do at least 2 things. 1. You must judge people by their fruits.  Messiah says “By their fruits you will know them,” and “Good fruit cannot come from a bad tree.” and vice versa.  The second thing you need to do is follow the money.  When you see a frantic mom posting on her blog, getting ridiculed, trying to warn you against vaccines, and contrast that with big pharma companies and doctors making big bucks by taking away your rights, you will quickly figure things out.

Is a dead baby good fruit?  What about people licking blood from blood baths with mock human sacrifices?  What about tweets with known pedophile code along with pictures of toddlers?  What about book after book, and congression testimony after testimony regarding trafficking of minors? Follow the money and judge the fruit, and welcome to the pilot episode of the Heather Dayvis Report.


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Heather Dayvis has a degree in Exercise Science where she completed courses that would prepare her for a career in the medical field. She also has a Musical Theater degree and enjoys adding music and drama to her video productions. She loves using her knowledge and experience to expose the occult, satanic, and pagan origins in mainstream religion, medicine, television, and everything else in the world today. She hopes these articles help you realize your rights and motivate you to stop being afraid of the truth, because "The truth shall set you free!"

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