Chemtrail Plane Sprays What In Line With The Moon?

Chemtrail Plane Sprays What In Line With The Moon?

Seeing a chemtrail over your head is normal these days.  Unfortunately, it’s something that most people don’t even notice.


Whether you believe in the chemtrail phenomena or not, you must wonder what is in the video above.  It could be a shadow that the plane is casting along the sky, at first. But watch the video and see that even when the plane is long past, there still lies an eerie black line right next to the cloud, but not where a shadow should be. The sun is behind both, so a shadow would fall forward, like the original line the plane was following.  Once the plane past, the line seemed to migrate next to the trail, as if it were a trail of its own; just made of a different material.

The sun was rising in the east at around 10:00 a.m. The plane headed close to due West. I know this because I watch the sun set from my home each night.  3 more planes appeared in this video, 1 of which left no trail, and the other 2 which were leaving trails, were headed in the same direction as the first.  These were not following the strange line, but were forming lines parallel to the initial plane, that was following the black line.

What does this all mean?  If planes were coming from the same location, such as in airport, they would have formed wheel spokes in the sky, but instead it appeared as if they were flying in formation, with the first plane the furthest North, and each of the other visible 2 planes, were following it in parallel lines, one after the other.  From space this would create a diagonal procession of parallel lines, flowing East to West across the Earth.

Why? What is the strange black line in the sky?  Do you have any ideas?

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Heather Dayvis has a degree in Exercise Science where she completed courses that would prepare her for a career in the medical field. She also has a Musical Theater degree and enjoys adding music and drama to her video productions. She loves using her knowledge and experience to expose the occult, satanic, and pagan origins in mainstream religion, medicine, television, and everything else in the world today. She hopes these articles help you realize your rights and motivate you to stop being afraid of the truth, because "The truth shall set you free!"

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