Cold Hard Aquaponics Truth

Cold Hard Aquaponics Truth

You want some Aquaponics truth? It’s nasty and Expensive.


The water gets nasty. The filters get nasty and smell like poo and you have to clean them out and almost certainly every time, poo water will get in your eyes!  It’s disgusting.

Oh and you think you’ll be able to grow cleaner food in a toxic environment? Yeah right. The acid rain chemtrails just concentrate in your pond, making it a veritable mess of biowarfare experiments from times past. They just mix in there like one big toxic soup of death.  The tilapia can live in there but I wouldn’t want to eat them.  Every time it rains right after jets fill the sky with the patented diethyl bromide, I can see the water go from clear and healthy to brown and full of algae. It’s so irritating.  Algal overgrowth is caused in toxic conditions, such as areas with pollution runoff. Only in this case it’s in the rain, not from the ground!

aquaponics greenhouse

My crappy PVC greenhouse that blew away.

You think you can build a cheap greenhouse to protect it from “pollution”? Good luck! In Texas the winds are very strong. My greenhouse ended up on my roof and the ones on Amazon for only a few hundred dollars will last you less than a year! They do have metal frames but you’ll need to be very handy with plastic and duct tape to fix it.  The ones that would actually work are going to be way more expensive. My aquaponics pond is only 6′ wide, but to get a green house that is at least 8′ wide and 10′ long and of high quality is unaffordable.  I might as well continue spending well over $1000/mo trying to feed my family organic.  I don’t know. I guess it could be worth it if I could get a greenhouse for $3-4000 and saved $500/mo. But like that’s ever going to happen!  I would need two tanks to get enough fish to eat off of, and a ton more grow area.  It’s just not going to happen, especially before we get stationed somewhere else.

I almost want to get this water tested, but wouldn’t know where to start.

So I hearby end the aquaponics portion of this blog.  I haven’t even posted everything I have on my aquaponics journey, but this blog is about the truth so here it is: It’s too expensive and then you’ll end up with a high maintenance mess of poo, with yield that may come if you really wanna spend. Grow area costs cash!!! And the cost/ft2 is higher than a mansion in Malibu.

Wanna pay hundreds of dollars for giant PVC sculptures made with a saw and some glue?  Then aquaponics is for you!
(Just in case you want to go ahead and try it, you can get it here) smh
Wanna get away from GMO’s? Okay just do aquaponics and feed your fish a bunch of corn meal/syrup synthetic vitamins and grow food from it as the acid rain pours down!  Perfect.

I don’t wanna scam you guys into spending money just so I can get a commission. Aquaponics has some negative sides to it.  But, I have had fun and enjoyed how it is just a big science experiment.  I’m just not going to continue to pursue it right now.

Man, now I have to do some updating on my ad codes. =/  Ha ha!

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