Good Seeds And Aquaponics Tastes Better; Yields Higher

Good Seeds And Aquaponics Tastes Better; Yields Higher

I talk about the differences between the taste of the same seeds grown in soil (from our home made worm compost) and our aquaponics system.  The food from the aquaponics bed tastes better.

Notice the giant, mutant tomato plants in this video. They were purchased as seedlings and were probably treated with common chemicals before I got a hold of them.  These plants were not fruitful, and it is not due to the soil, because the other plants in the raised bed made plenty of fruits, once I cut the giant mutants down. The cherry tomato plants that I have grew accidentally from seeds I had just thrown down, while the mutant plants were nothing more than a big energy suck. They blocked out the sun, and sucked up the nutrients from my other plants.

This is an homage to the importance of heirloom seeds, or even secondhand seeds. The cherry tomato plants were from seeds from organic cherry tomatoes bought at the grocery store. There are two plants and each plant has its own genetic stamp.  One plant makes pointy cherry tomatoes while the other makes them round!  You would never get that from hybridized, defiled seeds from the store.

Now, my pepper plant (also from second hand seeds) is also fruiting even though it’s October. I will not be paying for seedlings again. Heirloom, secondhand, and organic is definitely the way to go.

Moral of the story: The food just tastes better from aquaponics, and the fruit is plentiful from good seeds.

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